UK wide coverage for pullout testing.

Pull Out Testing Services:

Bolt Testing

Shear Tests

Concrete and Masonry Testing

Safety Post and Foundation Testing

Crash Barrier Testing

Motorway Sign Posts and Gantry Testing

Foundation Rebar Testing

Anchor Bolt Testing

Tension Testing

Marine Pad Eye Testing

Ships Anchor Eyes

Pier Bolts

Container Bolts

Steel Structures

Rebar Pullout Testing

Wall Tie Testing

Eye Bolts

Erection Bolts

Scaffold Ties

Holding Down Bolts

Resin Bolts

Stud Anchors

Expanding Bolts

Rawl Bolts

Safety Wire Testing

Surface Bonding

Who uses our services:

Building Companies

Steel Fabrication Companies

Steel Erection Companies

Scaffold Companies

Highway Agencies

Railway Companies

House Builders

Construction Companies

Ship Builders

Window Cleaners

Health and Safety Organizations